Supporting SIMS

The Sydney Institute of Marine Science enables world leading marine science and research to make a significant contribution to ensuring our coastal and marine environments are healthy, resilient, and effectively managed.

The SIMS Foundation meets six times a year to discuss science and research priorities, and how we can best support our community of researchers.

  • We engage with our scientific and research community to remain apprised of current and upcoming trends and programs, and how these projects are building capacity locally, nationally, and globally.
  • We bring together supporters, friends, and donors to SIMS through events including the annual Gala Emerald Dinner and our World Ocean Day Breakfast.
  • We support online and in-person gatherings, briefings, and meetings across Australia to share the SIMS story and support our researchers in communicating their science to a rich diversity of stakeholders including government, business, philanthropists, community groups, local community, ocean recreation users, sailing clubs and fishers.
  • We actively advocate for SIMS-led programs and projects throughout our networks.
  • We listen to our scientific community, our donors, and partners to provide us with the information and insights to direct our fundraising efforts.
  • As Trustees of the SIMS Foundation Trust, we support the distribution of donations to the SIMS research community, including via large project-based funding, leverage funding for large grants, bequests, scholarship funding for early career researchers, and support funds for equipment, facilities, infrastructure, and events.