Our Supporters

We are inspired by our supporters’ commitment to advancing marine science research.

Their voices reflect partnerships built on genuine collaboration, where supporters rapidly become our most vocal ambassadors, amplifying the value of SIMS’ marine science solutions.

A Frank Conversation

A not to be missed conversation with SIMS Founding Chair, Professor Frank Talbot

Lim- Sutton Initiative – partners with purpose

Listen to this wonderful podcast with Dorset Sutton as he describes his passionate commitment to community and nature.  It’s a partnership which SIMS is privileged to be a part of.

Thanks to Karen Sander, Author of the Podcast Ageing Fearlessly 

Breen Group at Kurnell

Breen Group Director, Tom Breen, was an early adopter and remains a wonderful advocate for Operation Crayweed.

Read here what the partnership means to Breen Group, to SIMS and to the marine environment at Kurnell.