Our Impact

Working with our scientific and research community, the SIMS Foundation has supported work that has:

  • Reversed the local extinction of a vital seaweed habitat through Operation Crayweed
  • Influenced the requirement by Infrastructure NSW for green engineering in major urban renewal projects through our Living Seawalls program
  • Worked alongside NSW Government to develop environmental health indicators, and models such as the south-eastern Australia Regional Ocean Modelling System to assist with oceanographic forecasting and analysis of ecological conditions as part of the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS)

Currently we are:

  • Informing the development of oyster reefs under the national Reef Builder Program by The Nature Conservancy through the Sydney Harbour Research Program
  • Engaging with the Indigenous communities of Gamay to enable opportunities for Indigenous Australians to enjoy the management and use of sea country as well as support their livelihoods
  • Working with local, regional and national stakeholders to improve management of urban runoff, leading to more sustainable cities